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Third Party Agencies

Credit bureaus are the companies that collect and maintain consumer
credit information from the lenders we use for credit cards, mortgages,
and other types of loans. They help measure our perceived creditworthiness
or the likelihood that we will pay our credit obligations on time.
Then, this information is compiled and provided to businesses that are interested
in our credit history. Learn more about credit
bureaus and why they are so important in our financial lives.

Third Party Agencies

Used to be called “Associate Credit Bureaus                            Used for Pre-approved Offers (Credit card companies)




Auto Property Insurance Records

Evictions Records

Health Insurance Risk

Professional license held (Doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, barber, insurance agent, pilot, etc)

Loan information (where the loan was secured with collateral: i.e. a car)

Employers who conducted A background check

Helps Collectors find a consumer (skip tracing etc)

Owned by Lexis Nexis

More than 99 percent of insurers writing automobile coverage provide claims data to the

Vehicle & Property History (Type, VIN Numbers, Coverage Amount, Property addresses,

Home & Rental Insurance)

Commercial Property


Child Support

Rental Applications

Personal Loans

Rent To Own applications

Consumers with thin credit files

Criminal Records

Court Records

Store Cards



Tier 1 & 2 Credit Card Issuers Check Here

Auto Lenders

Credit Card issuers


UtilitiesCell Phone

Checking Accounts

Bank opening & Closings

Bad check writing history