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Credit Repair Champ empowers individuals to challenge inaccuracies that could harm their credit scores, thereby preventing negative consequences. Our approach involves leveraging a state-of-the-art system and utilizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to guide consumers in asserting their legal rights. We prioritize quality customer service, reliability, and honesty in every interaction. While Credit Repair Champ Firms cannot perform actions beyond what individuals could do themselves, we expedite the process and minimize costly errors, ensuring results in a fraction of the time. Discover more about how we can assist you in reclaiming control over your credit health.

Our Company

Credit Repair Champ is a veteran owned & operated small business. With the sole purpose of educating consumer on how credit works and there right under the FCRA.

Our Services

We walk you through the entire dispute process. Explaining while educating you on the steps to creating customized dispute letters for your personalized credit.

Credit Dispute

Included in the Credit Audit, we use our professional expertise in credit repair experience to uncover any information in your credit report that may not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This includes examining each account in detail as well as considering your entire credit history as a whole.

Credit Repair Audit

In our Credit Audit, we use our years of credit repair experience to uncover any information in your credit report that may not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This includes examining each account in detail as well as considering your entire credit history as a whole.

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We Help Clients Become Successful

Your credit score holds significance beyond just a numerical value; it acts as an identification marker. If your score falls below par, it can feel reminiscent of the identification assigned to prisoners during incarceration. Merely glimpsing at your credit scores might lead others to presume you’ve encountered setbacks, potentially resulting in biased judgments. This unfavorable perception could impede your access to credit, irrespective of its necessity. Additionally, it could adversely affect your prospects of gaining employment.

For assistance with credit scores repair and credit repair in Nashville, consider exploring strategies to improve your financial standing and rectify any past mistakes. Taking proactive steps in this regard can not only enhance your creditworthiness but also open up opportunities that may have been previously elusive.

What we do

Our Lessons

What Are the 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit bureaus are the companies that collect and maintain consumer credit information from the lenders we use for credit cards, mortgages, and other types of loans.

the 10 myth of Credit Repair

It is difficult to fully restore your credit if your outstanding debts have not been paid. However, paying off a debt can actually hurt your credit Negative items on your credit report are allowed to stay.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Fair, Isaac and Co. is the San Rafael, California Company founded in 1956 by Bill Fair They have expanded their enterprise to cover decision systems, analytics and consulting.

Credit facts

A credit score is a number generated by a mathematical formula that is meant to predict credit worthiness.. credit scores range from 300-850. The higher your score is, the more likely you are to get a loan.


This step includes our welcome kit, initial credit report and consultation.

2. Freezing

We will walk you through freezing all your information across the board. On a daily basis your personal information is being sold/given away without your consent


Confirmation of your data being frozen via mail/internet

4. Dispute

Our experts make custom disputes letters, based on your particular credit reports and situation.

Credit Education


We are not a credit repair champ company “let’s make that crystal clear”. What we are is a Credit educational service company. Teaching you how credit works, FCRA, tradelines, how/when to dispute inaccurate items, removing inquires, etc. We empower the consumer to our knowledge and tricks of the trade


On top of all the information we give. We teach about building business credit. Which is one of the most powerful weapons you should have in your arsenals. (ein, llc, dun number, tradelines, credit cards, loans, Trusts, life insurance, the list goes on and on)


When we educate our customers on everything from the basics of managing their credit repair champ properly to maximizing what resources remain. At this point, we will do what we do best to restore your credit report to a pristine slate and tighten every nut and bolt along the way.

What Affects Your Credit

Payment History

Amount of Debt

Age of Credit

Multiple credit accounts


happy clients

William Guy
William Guy
Great wisdom, Great conversation, Great guy & Great results!! 10 out of 10
Peter Lopez (Pete)
Peter Lopez (Pete)
Awesome service and my score has improved so much in just a few short months!
Randolph Dunn
Randolph Dunn
Great Service! In addition to great credit results, they offer a host of credit counseling services!
Ana Gaviria
Ana Gaviria
Credit repair champ took me through the process of establishing my credit, explaining everything, and getting me a credit. Very kind and speaks Spanish. Check it out!
John Gaviria
John Gaviria
They took the time to going over everything with me. Gave me access to my file so I could see every step of the process and I saw real results. Thanks again, I can buy my house
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez
John me ayudó con mi crédito y finalmente pude obtener la aprobación para una casa.
Fab East
Fab East
My Score improved a lot, I was able to get approved and move into my new apartment, thanks to the staff of credit repair champs

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