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Coaching / Consultation Call

A one-time coaching call with me is perfect if you have specific questions regarding your unique credit situation

What you get

A 20-minute telephone call to discuss any credit related matters you want or ask questions related to your credit situation. We value our time and we hope you do as well. For frequently asked questions please refer to our FAQ’s page.

This option is best if

You need a reliable and quick answer to a credit related question and want trustworthy information from an expert. Also, a great option if you have questions about your credit reports and scores. This service requires a one-time investment fee of only $35.

*Credit report access is strongly recommended to maximize feedback*

We do not offer a free consultation. For questions about our educational course please review our site and FAQ page. We value our time, and this is why we charge for our coaching/consultation call. 

Total Package

One flat fee of $699 What’s Covered:
Inquiries | Late/Missed Payments Collections | Repos Evictions | Student Loans Charge-Offs | Derogatory Bankruptcy | Evictions Setting Up ABusiness | Business Credit

Business Training

Are a car dealership, real-estate, mortgage company and looking for credit training for use with-in your business. Look no further. We are offering a speedy training course. That runs from 1-3 days. Where we will train your employ on the ins and outs of credit. To where you can fast stream your business and increase your profit margins. With our training you will receive all the proper documents to do whatever is need for your clients.

Be advised that we do not offer refunds for training. For training of more than one day you are responsible for scheduling the days for training, also training must all be schedule in the same week (within 7 days of the first day of training, must be completed). Any extension of the training will be at additional cost. Last but not least employ and employer must sign non-compete agreement in order to be enrolled.